Help Us Understand iHRIS Global Adoption and Usage

IntraHealth International is proud to invest in iHRIS, the most popular free, open source software that helps countries around the world track and manage their health workforce data, and improve access to services.

Countries use iHRIS to capture and maintain high-quality information for health workforce planning, management, regulation, and training, often without our direct support. This is a design feature of iHRIS as an open source global good in digital health.

Countries able to download and deploy iHRIS as they see fit is also a challenge for us. We do not always know who is using iHRIS and to what effect. Hence, we regularly commission global surveys to better understand adoption and use of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) for health systems strengthening in low- and middle-income countries.

During our last assessment of worldwide usage, we found that iHRIS organizes records for over 1 million health workers in 27 countries. However, it's been a few years since our last assessment and we’d like your support in updating our records. 

Currently, Jody Rank, Phedra Elayeb, and Robert Nguni are working with IntraHealth to contact software developers, HRIS implementers, and human resources managers in multiple countries, interviewing them about their adoption and use of HRIS systems overall, and iHRIS in particular. We will publish a synopsis of their findings later this year.

Please contact us if you work on HRIS efforts for health systems strengthening. We would appreciate learning about anyone who is involved with HRIS for LMICs. We seek feedback from countries regardless if they use iHIRS or not. This information will help us understand the global need for HRIS solutions.